Compliance Check Up (Includes website access)

Compliance monitoring has never been so stress-free.

Simply select the desired Checklist, complete by answering Yes, No, N/A, add comments as applicable, and print the report. Use Compliance Check Up to:

  • Determine how well your compliance program is meeting requirements
  • Determine the effectiveness of training
  • Evaluate the strengths of your compliance program
  • Save time in creating reports for your Board and Management.

The program features

  • Expanded section for notes and comments
  • A Summary Report including Yes to No response ratio
  • Tallies the Yes, No, and N/A responses

Compliance Check Up includes checklists for Deposit, Lending, Administrative and IT/Tech/Security regulations. The CD ROM requires Microsoft OfficeTM version 2007 or newer. provides you with a way to implement the regulations.

You know you need to train, why spend time creating training? You’re busy. Let
do the work for you. provides you with access to training agendas, testing, and monitoring checklists. Topics based on Administrative, Lending, and Deposit categories.

All topics organized and coordinated to enable you to:

            1.) Train to keep personnel up to date with requirements.
            2.) Test to ensure your personnel understand the material.
            3.) Monitor using checklists to spot check for weaknesses.

Use the calendar to:

            1.) Keep training, testing and monitoring on schedule
            2.) Stay on top of regulatory changes
            3.) Prepare for final rules and implementation

Updated regularly with new material. provides you with the training tracts your bank personnel need to function at their capacity.

To subscribe please contact Cathy VonWahlde in the ICBA Education Department at (800) 422-7285, ext. 7337

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